Ramblin Randol

Hey, hi, and hello. This is me with my dollar store facial and Halloween ghost. #twinning 
If you've clicked this link that means your semi-interested in what I'm wanting to offer to you and I have half a second  (which I probably already wasted) to catch your attention and sell you on why you want to trust me with your email...

Well, I've got no sales pitch besides the truth. I want to be the penpal you never knew you needed, who sends you a  friendly email you want to read once a month with good book suggestions, recipes, fails of the month, embarrassing truths and/or hard lessons learned, mixed with a little something-something new each month.

I've struggled with loneliness (because of the constant moving around) and always desperately wanted a friend or penpal  who I could feel connected with, so I'm not sure how I'm going to create it just yet but I will make it happen. This magic  friendship portal will also share new episodes from my podcast show Someone Like You.

Join me as I build this tribe, it's going to be one helluva ride.    
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